Review of the Universal Power-Pak 445 Adjustable Dumbbells

Looking for a good set of dumbbells? The Universal Power Pak 445 made by Nautilus is a great looking set that comes with adjustable settings. With a simple adjustment you can change the weight from five pounds to forty-five pounds in increments of five pounds. The adjustment can be made on either side of either dumbbell, making it extremely simple and convenient.


Why is this a good feature?

There are a couple of reasons.

One reason is because dumbbells are expensive. Generally you can expect to pay somewhere around a dollar per pound when you buy them in separate sets. A single set of dumbbells with adjustable weights is much less expensive.

The second reason is lots of dumbbells take up lots of room. Folks who live in an apartment or a small home will appreciate this feature. Lugging out seven or eight separate sets of dumbbells, and then putting them all away again, is a lot of work! And you obviously can’t just leave them sitting out all the time.

The adjustable dumbbell set by Universal, therefore, is ideal. It will let you work out faster, keep your home free of clutter — and still cost you less.

One thing to keep in mind is that adjustable dumbbells, by their design, are larger than standard dumbbells. Therefore they may limit your range of motion somewhat. So in the end you will have to decide what is most advantageous for you.


Here is another great feature of the Universal Power Pak 445 — the storage stand is included. That may seem like a small thing, but consider that most dumbbell sets do not come with a stand. If you want a stand you will have to spend another $100 to $200.

Of course there is a disadvantage to storing your weights on a stand — the stand takes up room. The Universal stand, however, is designed to allow you to store items underneath it.

It’s true that keeping your dumbbells under a bed may take up less space. On the other hand, having a stand is a lot less work and eliminates the clutter during your bodybuilding workout. If you are really tight for space the trays can be removed from the stand in order to hold the dumbbells. The trays will fit almost anywhere.

If you like to do your lifting at home you probably have a set of dumbbells. Do you find them awkward and cumbersome? If so, the Universal Power Pak 445 may be just the solution to your problem.