How to lose man breast – The most effective ways

How to lose man breasts fast can be done in some ways and methods. There are several methods on how to lose man breasts, and they will be discussed here. First of all man boobs, known as gynecomastia, are not a cause for concern among teenagers as they appear during their adolescent stage, they last for a couple of years, then disappear when the boy grows much older. However, there are cases when these breasts do not go away and become a heartache among men leading to low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. They can cause embarrassment and humiliation and at such times the need to lose them arises.

Make your chest well sculpedThe first method on how to lose man breast fast is through surgery. Surgery is the quickest way and most effective as it removes all the fatty tissues around the breasts and in a very quick way; it is only a matter of a few hours then all the fat is removed. Surgery may be exertion where the fat is totally removed from the body or liposuction where a certain tube is inserted and the fat is sucked out. Surgery is quite expensive and leaves some scars on the patient, and sometimes that is not a pretty site, but some men would rather have scars than have sagging breasts. An operation on the breasts would cost around $2,000 to $6,000.

Exercise is one way of losing man breasts fast. Although exercising does not achieve results as quickly as surgery or the supplement pills, it is a healthy and very cheap way of losing the man breasts. Exercising can involve aerobics and weightlifting. In aerobics, you can just do the simple day to day exercises such as running, swimming, playing cricket, or football. With these forms of exercise, considerable amounts of fat and especially calories are lost. Weightlifting by concentrating the weight on the upper body will turn fat around the breasts into energy and build up more muscle.

Diet is another common way of losing man breasts. By following a strict and set diet, you lose fat on the chest. Although a diet change does not achieve as much as the other methods already mentioned, it plays a good role in losing breasts because for all the other methods to work there has to be a right diet to compliment the effort done by the other body parts.

It seems like 90% of the guys I know that have man boobs is just kidding themselves when they say they are serious about getting rid of them once and for all. Focus on exercises that target your upper chest to burn fat and even out your chest simultaneously.

The best upper chest exercises for male breasts are:

The Decline Pushup: The decline pushup is done just like regular pushups except the feet are raised on a chair or a footstool. The higher your feet are raised is, the harder the exercise will be.

The Incline Bench Press: In this exercise, an incline bench, as well as a barbell, is used. Apart from using an incline bench, this exercise is performed exactly like the regular bench press.

The Hammer Grip Incline Dumbbell Press: This exercise is very similar to the incline bench press except that a pair of dumbbells is used instead of a barbell. Also, the hammer grip is used during the entire exercise which means that the dumbbells are held in line with your body instead of perpendicular to it.