Funky Old Fashioned Retro Traditions During The Holidays

Let’s talk a little about retro traditions, how things have evolved, and the American family Christmas. The traditional nativity has always been with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. But we’ll discuss more about the old and new traditions in history, and for some your perspectives may change.

A Short History

The origin of the holiday has been documented that Christmas originated from many European and Roman traditions. These traditions celebrated the end of harvest. They also marked the end of the summer solstice on December 25th.

This is a fascinating subject, and we’ll discuss further in this article. The people started to talk about the date of birth of Jesus Christ in the 4th century. Nobody knew the exact birthday and since a celebration of the winter harvest solstice was already a grand time they adopted that the great man was born on December 25.

Well, we might want to see proof that this is true but we’ll never really know.

The ancient people also started to use greenery at home to celebrate the birth of Jesus down the road.

Into continuing in the celebration, gifts were given to each other during Christmas season.

Along with a huge family feast of roasted boars head and other exotic foods.

It’s been told that people also developed the famous legend of Saint Nicholas because they wanted to have some fun during this memorable season.

Old and New

To gain better insight into the history, we need to understand more about the old traditions related to Christmas. Well, it happens to be the case that the Romans loved worshiping trees in the forest. This was important for them, and they retained this tradition when they accepted the beliefs of the Church.

They were bringing trees to their homes, and they did the same with Church. This was the old tradition that has been kept alive till this very day. The only difference is that the Romans wanted to bring trees from the forest. Today, most people just purchase pre-lit artificial trees at the supermarket although some cut down trees or real ones the traditional way.

Christians adopted a lot of traditions from Rome. In the ancient times, the emperors of Rome gave orders that the most despised citizens in the city provide other people gifts in December and January. Christians then adopted this tradition to have more fun during Christmas season.

You can now share your knowledge of Christmas with your friends and family. This will allow you to make Christmas a more special time for you and your family. Having fun with your friends and family during Christmas is a lot of fun, and you can make a difference during this season. So take bold action and have a lot of fun this Christmas season too.