Bissell Flip It Review – Wet or Dry, Clean Up on the Fly

bissell-flip-itThe Bissell Flip It 7340 offers a vacuum cleaner and floor mop in one easy to use compact machine. There are a lot of full sized, heavy vacuum cleaners on the market that will clean virtually every surface in your home to unbelievable standards, but sometimes you just need something small and lightweight.

You need something that can be pulled out on the fly, used quickly, and put up in just moments. A heavy, full sized vacuum is too heavy and cumbersome for the quick clean ups of every day life.

That’s where the Bissell Flip It comes in handy. It is super lightweight with a compact body that can be tucked into the corner of a pantry or closet and forgotten about until you need it again. It is designed to work with hard floor surfaces only, but can be used on virtually any hard surface in your home.

You can even use the Bissell Flip It under the edges of furniture and on raised hard surfaces where a larger sized vacuum just wouldn’t reach!

There is definitely a place in your home for a full sized regular vacuum cleaner since the Flip It won’t work on carpeting, but you will also find plenty of use for something fast and light. Find out more at this website.

Using the Bissell Flip It

The Bissell Flip It may be small, but it is mighty when it comes to putting a shine on your bare floors. On one side it works as a small vacuum, sucking up dirt, debris and small particles. Once that is done you flip it to the other side, which is designed to work as a wet vac. This side will squirt out water and small amounts of cleaning fluid so you can wipe the floor clean and get an instant shine.

Finally, there is a squeegee built into the wet side of the Flip It, so you can get up any liquid remaining on the floor in the end.

This is a very convenient design because with one small wet/dry vac you can take care of all cleaning needed for bare floors. When there is a dry spill in the kitchen you can pull the Bissell Flip It out and vacuum it up quickly. It is more convenient than using a manual broom and will leave your floor with a shine, rather than a dull appearance that is common with brooms.

The Bissell Flip It is essentially a broom and mop combined in one very unique, convenient package.

Reviewing the Reviews

So, what are other consumers saying about the Bissell Flip It? You can see how convenient it could be in your own home, but how has it changed the way clean ups are done in other homes?

Consumers definitely appreciate the small size of the Flip It because it can fit under cabinet doors and into other small areas where larger sized products don’t easily fit. There is also a lot of consumer support for the mopping capabilities of this compact wet/dry vac. I personally think the Shark vacuum cleaners are best for wet/dry vacs. Are you searching for reviews of the best Shark vacuum cleaners?

The complaints typically surround the sweeping capabilities of the Flip It. Many find that it doesn’t pick up a lot of dirt and small pieces, especially when compared with some competing products that are designed to be small vacuums for bare floors. The difference is the Flip It is designed not just to sweep, but to mop and dry the floor as well. It just seems to be better at mopping than sweeping.