Top Tips For Buying A Camping Tent

The weather is fine and work stress is starting to impact on your lifestyle and mood – so it’s time to head into the great outdoors with a couple of old friends and some fishing poles. After a brief conversation with your fishing buddies it’s decided that this trip you’re going to rough it and make an attempt at camping.

So it’s off to the sporting goods store to make those all important purchases – most importantly a tent.

71biOZ6njBL._SL1500_So what do you look for when buying a camping tent?

Firstly how many people are going to be using the tent – too many people bedding down for the night is going to make everyone grumpy and that’s a recipe for camping disaster. Tents come in a variety of sizes, usually indicated by how many people the tent will sleep.

But beware – a three person tent will be seriously uncomfortable if anyone is taller or bigger than the norm – and the norm is usually pretty petite. Best go up one person – for example if you’re sleeping two, get a three person tent. Checkout Love Outdoorz for great reviews.

Just like sleeping bags (which you’ll also be purchasing) tents are rated – but not for temperature. They’re usually rated according to the season when they’ll be used.So you’ve got one season tents (usually ‘summer’), two season or three season tents and four season tents.

For the serious camper there are also expedition tents, but unless you’re going to encounter temperatures well below freezing and howling winds those can be safely ignored. If you’re going to be camping on a regular basis and at different times of the year go for a four season tent.

Coleman_Modified_Dome_TentThen there’s the question of rain. Other than not catching any fish on that fishing trip rain is one of the surest ways to ruin a camping trip – if you’re not prepared for it.  It’s usually best to buy a tent that is seam taped and that has a waterproof floor, as well one that offers waterproofing treatment on the lower sides of the tent.

Another consideration when buying a tent for camping is ease of transport and weight. If the camping site is remote and requires a hike then guess what? You’re the transport. The good news is that most tents are modular and all the pieces required for setup can be divided among various camping party members.

If you’re in a campsite that allows motor vehicles then this isn’t really a consideration, but ask yourself the question – is this always going to be the case? Ask your sporting goods store camping expert at Best Tent Reviews for some advice about weight issues.

And lastly – those fish are not going to wait – go and get your line wet, just make sure that your equipment is suitable for that long overdue camping trip.